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New Students

Welcome! One of the first tasks to complete as a new student is to get your BuzzCard, as it serves as your campus identification and is your key to all of campus life.

Contact us for more details or come visit us on the 2nd floor of Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech in Technology Square.  

Get your Student BuzzCard

New Student BuzzCards

After you have confirmed your acceptance to Georgia Tech, you are eligible for a BuzzCard. 

Submit your BuzzCard photo online. Check out our Photo Upload page for submission guidelines!

Contact the BuzzCard Center for BuzzCard pick-up instructions.

Replacement BuzzCards

Students currently enrolled can receive a replacement BuzzCard by visiting the BuzzCard Center.


When and Where do I get my BuzzCard

If you submitted a photo online:

Incoming Spring 2021 resident students can pick up your BuzzCard at your Housing Area Office upon Housing check-in after Monday, January 4th. 

Incoming Spring 2021 non-resident students can pick up your BuzzCard at the BuzzCard Center on or after Monday, January 11th during BuzzCard Center hours.

If you DID NOT submit a photo online:

Photo sessions and BuzzCard production for Incoming Spring 2021 students will be available on and after Monday, January 11th during BuzzCard Center hours.

Incoming students who will study remotely may inquire about having a BuzzCard mailed to you after Monday, January 18th by submitting a support ticket to BuzzCard.

Replacement Cards and Other Services

For Faculty/Staff new hires, affiliates and for replacement cards please visit the BuzzCard Center.

BuzzCard Benefits

Shopping Discounts & Rewards

Students, faculty and staff can use their BuzzCard for discounts at Barnes & Noble and other retail merchants.

Meal Plan Access

Students can purchase a meal plan, which can be a combination of Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, and BuzzCard Funds. Your meal plan will be accessed via BuzzCard at GT's dining locations.

Have a Meal Plan question? 

BuzzCard Funds

BuzzCard Funds are not only used for dining; they are also usable at over 200 locations on campus, including vending machines, laundry machines, select Tech Square merchants, and all Campus Dining locations. BuzzCard Funds never expire, even after you graduate! 

You can make a deposit via online, a BuzzCard ATM, or in person at the BuzzCard Center. Funds added with any one of these three (3) methods will be available immediately. Click below to make online deposits:

Parking & Transportation

As a member of the GT community, students have access to the variety of Parking & Transportation services including the Trolley, Stinger, and Stingerette. To purchase parking permits, check out the various permits offered here.

To purchase a discounted MARTA pass, you will need to visit the BuzzCard Center with your BuzzCard. Your BuzzCard is used to verify your student, faculty, or staff status.

Athletics & Entertainment

Students with valid BuzzCards can access the Campus Recreation Center and rent equipment. Click here to go to the CRC website. Students can also use their BuzzCards to get into the special student section at Yellow Jackets football and basketball games. 

Manage Your BuzzCard Account

You can easily add funds, check your balances, and transactions with BuzzCard eAccounts.

Now accessible through your web browser or mobile app.

Parent Access

Parents can make deposits for the student's BuzzCard by accessing BuzzCard eAccounts Web Portal:

*You need to know the GTID#, given first and last name of the beneficiary

Purchase a Meal Plan



Need to Purchase a Meal Plan and don't have access to
  • Register for your classes with the Registrar’s Office in order to purchase a meal plan at Georgia Tech


Active Meal Plan during Week of Welcome

  • Our Traditional Week of Welcome is in August. For new and returning students in January, meal plans begin with brunch on Jan 13.
  •  For new incoming Fall students, if your registration date is within 3 days of Week of Welcome and you are attending Week of Welcome as a First-year, please log a ticket at so that we may ensure you have an active plan for Week of Welcome activities.


Meal Plan Cancellations


Know more about Meal Plan Policy Terms and Conditions

Online Degree Students & Online Masters Students

Online Degree students may request a BuzzCard.
  • In-person BuzzCards for online students are $30.00 and may be picked up by appointment only.
  • Shipped BuzzCards for online students are $33.00.  There is a $3.00 shipping fee, (card shipped via US Mail)
Step 1. Payment

To pay for your shipped BuzzCard, make a deposit to your BuzzCard account (BuzzCard eAccounts)

Step 2. Photo Upload:
  • Upload your passport style photo for your BuzzCard Picture (no selfies, photo should be taken on a white or off-white background, save photo in JPEG or PNG) and upload the supplementary document (a clear, scanned image of your driver's license or passport) via the secure portal, as directed 
  • After photo and document are approved, your BuzzCard will be shipped to the address in the BuzzCard request within 10 business days OR you may pick the card up at the BuzzCard Center
  • Cards are only shipped within the United States of America or Canada

Submit an Online Degree Student card request to

  • Provide your GTID#

  • Include the Ship To address, if necessary

  • DO NOT upload your photo to this email

  • Payment for the BuzzCard will be withdrawn from you BuzzCard Fund account

the BuzzCard eAccounts app

Managing your BuzzCard Account

You can easily add funds, check your balances, and transactions with BuzzCard eAccounts.

Now accessible through your web browser or the eAccounts mobile app.

For the full mobile app experience, log into the eAccounts Web Portal first and establish your saved payment methods. Only then will you have full functionality in the mobile app.

BuzzCard eAccounts Web Portal

Add money to your BuzzCard stored value accounts online from anywhere!

  • eAccounts Portal is an online service that allows you to:
  • Make real-time deposits using a credit or debit card.
  • Download and print account statements
  • Check meal plan balances and transactions
  • Check BuzzCard fund, Dining Dollar and Faculty Staff Dining fund stored value account balances and transactions
  • Create saved payment methods
  • Create scheduled deposits
  • Deactivate a lost card
  • Reactivate a found card
  • Give family and friends the ability to easily and securely deposit funds to your account


BuzzCard eAccounts Mobile App

Now available on iOS and Android devices!

With the eAccounts app, you can:
  • view your meal plan and stored value account balances
  • monitor transaction activity
  • make deposits  
  • disable/enable your BuzzCard should you lose it


How to deposit funds through the eAccounts app:
  1. Log into the eAccounts Web portal using a browser.
  2. Add a saved credit card payment method
  3. Download the Transact eAccounts Mobile App
  4. Find Georgia Institute of Technology.
  5. Sign in with your GT email Username and Password
  6. Your accounts will become visible.
  7. If you wish to deposit funds, tap ‘Add Money’
  8. Pick the account you would like to add money to and select ‘Next’
  9. Enter the amount of money you would like to deposit
  10. Submit the deposit.