Vending locations

Academic Buildings

Name Address
​Architecture Annex ​276 Fifth St. NW​​
​College of Computing 801 Atlantic Dr. NW
College Of Management 48 Fifth St. NW​
​Instructional Center 759 Ferst Dr. NW​
​Klaus Building 266 Ferst Dr. NW​
Boggs Chemistry 770 State St. NW
Clough Undergraduate Learning Center 266 4th St. NW
College of Computing 3rd Floor 801 Atlantic Dr. NW
EcE/CmpE ​777 Atlantic Dr. NW​
Environmental Science and Technology Building ​311 Ferst Dr. NW​
Howey Physics Building 800 Atlantic Dr. NW
MIRC - Pettit Microelectronics Research Center 791 Atlantic Dr. NW
MRDC - Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex 801 Ferst Dr. NW
MS&E Love Building 775 Ferst Dr. NW
O'Keefe Building 151 6th St. NW
Skiles Classroom Building 686 Cherry St. NW
Allen Sustainable Education Building 788 Atlantic Dr. NW

Residence Halls

Name Address
​Brittain Residence Hall 649 Techwood Dr. NW​
Hopkins Residence Hall 711 Techwood Dr. NW​
6th Street Residence Hall 501 6th St. NW
8th Street Apartments 555 8th St. NW
8th Street Vending ​555 8th St. NW
Caldwell Residence Hall ​521 Turner Place​ NW
Center Street Apartments 939 Hemphill Ave NW
Field Residence Hall ​711 Techwood Dr. NW
Fitten Residence Hall 855 McMillan St. NW
Freeman Residence Hall 835 McMillan St. NW
Fulmer Residence Hall 871 McMillan St. NW
GLC - Graduate Living Center 301 10th St. NW
Glenn Residence Hall 118 Bobby Dodd Way​
Glenn/Towers Connector  
Harriston Residence Hall 660 Williams St. NW
Matheson Residence Hall 711 Techwood Dr. NW
Maulding Residence Hall 501 6th St. NW
North Avenue Apartments Vending ​120 North Avenue NW​
Undergraduate Living Center ​580 Turner Place​ NW
Woodruff Residence Hall Vending ​890 Curran Street NW​

Other Locations

Name Address
​Campus Recreation Center (CRC) 750 Ferst Drive NW
Library and Information Center 704 Cherry St. NW
Business Services  
Lyman Hall 225 North Ave. NW
Stamps Health Services, 2nd floor 740 Ferst Drive NW
Student Center Commons Vending ​350 Ferst Drive NW​
Student Center Vending 351 Ferst Drive NW​​
Student Services (Flag Building) Vending 353 Ferst Drive NW​
Student Success Center 225 North Avenue NW
Tech Rec Vending 351 Ferst Drive NW​