Marta Pass FAQ

How much do MARTA passes cost?

Discounted Student Passes are $55.00 and the Faculty/Staff pass is $68.00. Limited to one pass per person. 


Can I pick up my payroll deducted commuter pass at the BuzzCard Center?

No. All payroll deducted transit/commuter passes are distributed by the GT Parking & Transportation Office. To sign up, go to to add a voluntary deduction. You must sign up by the 4th of the month to receive a pass for the next month. Example: To receive a payroll deducted MARTA pass for November, add a voluntary deduction by October 4th!


Can my department purchase GT MARTA Passes?
At this time, the BuzzCard does not issue MARTA passes to departments or individuals not classified as students, faculty, or staff. If a department would like to reimburse the individual for this charge they can do so as their departmental policy and funding allows.


What forms of payments are accepted?

Credit/debit card, checks, and BuzzCard Funds 

Checks must be made out to 'Georgia Tech.'


I am a visitor, can I get a MARTA pass?

At this time, the BuzzCard does not issue Marta passes to individuals not classified as students, faculty, or staff.


I have lost my MARTA pass, can I get it replaced?

Unfortunately, because of the agreement Georgia Tech has with MARTA, lost or stolen passes cannot be replaced. Defective Marta passes can be exchanged at the BuzzCard Center, if the pass is still on sale. If the pass is no longer on sale, the defective pass will have to be exchanged at Five Points Station.


Where do I buy my MARTA Pass?
You can only buy a MARTA Pass from the BuzzCard Center: on the 2nd floor of GT Barnes & Noble. Passes are on sale five (5) days before the month starts and are sold until the end of the second (2nd) week of the month. (This roughly corresponds to the 26th through the 10th of each month)