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Frequently Asked Questions - Access & Entry

    • I want to get into a specific residence hall. Who do I talk to?
      Georgia Tech Housing controls access to all campus residences halls. There is the central office, located in the Smithgall Student Services Building, the North Avenue Housing Office, and east and west campus Housing Offices. You may email Georgia Tech Housing at or call one of the Housing Offices. Contact information is located here:
    • My BuzzCard won't let me in or I have lost my BuzzCard. How do I get into my Residence Hall?
      The satellite housing offices are open 24 hours a day and can assist your entrance into your residence hall after hours. If your BuzzCard does not work or you have lost it, please come by the BuzzCard Center so we may research the issue.
    • How do I get the 6 numbers off the back of my BuzzCard so I can reset my PIN.
      Per the user agreement that you signed when you got your BuzzCard, we are unable to give out account information via email or by telephone. To reset your PIN you must contact the Office of Information Technology (O.I.T.) Help Desk at 404-894-7173. BuzzCard cannot assist you in resetting your PIN.
    • I do not know my gtID PIN, yet when I click on the "Forgot PIN" button, is receive the message: "Authorization Failure - Security Question is not setup". How can I acquire, or reset, my PIN?
      To reset your PIN you must contact the Office of Information Technology (O.I.T.) Help Desk at 404-894-7173. BuzzCard cannot assist you in resetting your PIN.
    • What do I do if my BuzzCard doesn't open the parking gate?
      Parking and Transportation controls access to parking areas around campus. You may contact them at 404-385-PARK (7275).
    • Why do I get Exceeded Maximum Card Usage at Parking Lots when I try to use my BuzzCard?
      The pay to park machines are owned and operated by Parking and Transportation. There is a setting in the machine that limits each type of payment. Only Parking and Transportation can reset the meter for the lot. Please contact Parking and Transportation at 404-385-PARK (7275).
    • If I have a replacement BuzzCard produced today, when will my BuzzCard work to access academic or administrative buildings?
      A replacement BuzzCard requires an account number change. This account number change will automatically be communicated overnight and your BuzzCard will be functional by the following morning at 6:00 a.m. Please note: The BuzzCard Center does not control academic door access/entry. All questions related to door access/entry should be directed to the individual Building Security Administrators.
    • Why can I no longer access buildings after I have changed my BuzzCard?
      The BuzzCard Center updates card information each evening so that door access privileges can be updated. Problems with door access should be addressed by sending an email to
    • Why doesn't my BuzzCard work for accessing buildings after-hours?
      After-hours access to any campus building is governed by the individual Building Security Administrator(s). The BuzzCard Center has no control over granting or removing access to any campus academic building. Please contact the Building Security Administrator for the building(s) you wish after-hours access.

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Georgia Tech Campus Services
BuzzCard Center
  48 5th St. NW, 2nd Floor
  Atlanta, GA 30332-0485
  404.894.2049 (fax)

BuzzCard Center Hours:
  Mon-Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Technical Support:
  Mon -  Fri:  7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Office Telephone Numbers
  • Main Office
    • Phone: 404-894-2899 
    • Toll Free: 877-463-3248

  • Office of Human Resources
    • Phone: 404-894-4847

  • Campus Recreation Center
    • Phone: 404-385-7529