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Frequently Asked Questions - Withdrawals/Refunds

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    • Why can't I withdraw money from my BuzzCard Debit Account?
      Your BuzzCard Debit Account is designed for campus payment convenience and is not intended to be utilized as a bank account. The BuzzCard Center is not a licensed bank, and withdrawals prior to graduation or leaving Georgia Tech are not allowed. When you graduate or leave Georgia Tech, you can complete a BuzzCard Account Closure Form to obtain all remaining funds contained in your BuzzCard account. Please note, only balances of $35 or greater are refundable.
      • Is there a fee to process my account refund?
        Yes. The lesser of $35.00 or any remaining account balance will be retained as an account closure fee.
      • I am a student. Can I get my BuzzCard money back?
        Refunds of a balance in excess of $35.00 may be requested by graduating students, employees, affiliates, or visitors leaving the Institute by submitting a BuzzCard Account Closure Form to the BuzzCard Center. In the case of a student, proof of graduation or withdrawal from the Institute is required. Refund requests shall be processed within ten (10) business days. Please allow additional time for postal service delivery.
      • I got money back in my student account. What happened?
        BuzzCard accounts are closed 18 months after students leave the Institute. After 18 months refunds not requested upon account closure will be processed within 15 days of each semester end date. All student refunds are posted as a credit to the Cardholder’s Student Account and disbursed by the Bursar’s Office of the Georgia Institute of Technology according to regularly scheduled refund procedures.
      • As an employee, what happens when I request a BuzzCard Account refund?
        All non-student refunds (employees and visitors) will be issued by direct-deposit or by check to the last known address of record. If your bank account has changed, please let the BuzzCard Center know. Please allow additional time for postal service delivery.
      • Why didn't I get the full amount back?
        Upon Account closure, any balance in the BuzzCard Account remaining after the $35 closure fee will first be applied to any debt the Cardholder owes the Institute. Any balance in the Account less applicable fees and debts owed to the Institute will be returned to Cardholder.

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