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Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty & Staff
    • Why doesn't my BuzzCard work for accessing buildings after-hours?
      After-hours access to any campus building is governed by the individual Building Security Manager(s) and the Georgia Tech Police Department. The BuzzCard Center has no control over granting or removing access to any campus building. Please contact the Building Security Administrator for the building(s) you wish after-hours access.
    • How do I arrange meal plans and BuzzCards for special guests or events?
      BuzzCard, and Georgia Tech Dining, can assist you with setting up meal plans for Institute guests that are attending Georgia Tech sponsored events on campus. First,you will need to determine if the event will require access to Georgia Tech facilities that require PROX card access. Second, you will need to determine if you want cash on the BuzzCard or meals per day (meals per day are Dining Halls only). Fill out the Conference Services Meal Plan form that you can find at
    • Why should I use my BuzzCard instead of a credit card
      There are several reasons to carry your BuzzCard instead of a credit card or cash.
      1. Security. BuzzCard can only be used on campus. If it is lost or stolen, there is no liability for purchases made off campus, and you are responsible for only for the first $50 on campus.
      2. Convenience. You already carry it with you everywhere. No need to carry anything extra.
      3. Monthly statements. From the eAccount module you can check your balance, obtain monthly statements, view account activity for the last thirty days, and suspend your card if it is lost or stolen.
    • What is the minimum deposit I can put on my BuzzCard?
      The minimum cash deposit, at any BuzzCard deposit location, is $1.00. Deposits may be made online through this Web site, through payroll deduction, in person at the BuzzCard Center, or at any Value Transfer Station. The minimum credit card deposit is $10.00.
    • I need to request a gtID#. Who do I contact?
      Most likely, it is the same person that processes all Human Resources documents for your department. If you are unsure who that person is, you can search online for your department representive(s) at Click on Enter the name of your department in the space provided and click the Search button.
    • How can I sign-up for the Faculty Staff Meal Plan?
      Faculty and Staff can sign-up for the Faculty Staff meal plan online at Payroll deduction is not yet in place for this transaction.
    • How do I sign-up for Payroll Deduction?
      Faculty and Staff can signup for payroll deduction via Techworks. Login at and select Payroll and Compensation Home. Select Voluntary Deductions. Then click on Add Deduction. Click on the magnifying glass to search Kind of Deduction. Select BuzzCard. Complete the form and, if you wish, put a start and end date. Your payroll deduction usually posts to your BuzzCard account 5 - 7 days before payday.
    • How do I change my payroll deduction?
      Logon to Techworks and click on Payroll and Compensation Home. Select Voluntary Deductions and then click EDIT next to BuzzCard payroll deduction.
    • How do I withdraw or get a refund from my account?
      Your BuzzCard Debit Account is designed for campus payment convenience and is not intended to be utilized as a bank account. The BuzzCard Center is not a licensed bank. Faculty/Staff may close their account on demand and receive a refund. Please note, only balances of $35 or greater are refundable.
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