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Using BuzzCard to Sell Your Stuff

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Reserving & Using BuzzCard Equipment

BuzzCard hand held readers are available to student groups and campus departments that want to accept BuzzCard as payment or use BuzzCard to track attendance.  Please fill out the BuzzCard Equipment Rental Form and submit it three (3) business days in advance of the event date.  Below are restrictions that apply:
  • There is a $10 a day per reader rental fee.  Readers returned after the due date and time will be assessed additional daily rental fees. Transaction Fees of 3% apply.
  • User accepts responsibility for all damage or loss of BuzzCard equipment.
  • All equipment will be reserved on a first come/first serve basis.
  • Reservations must be made three (3) business days prior to the event.
  • Equipment must be returned within 24 hours or 10:00 a.m. Monday if the event falls on a Friday or Weekend.
  • Reimbursements will be made at the end of the business month following equipment rental.
  • If your event spans the last day and first day of the month, separate forms are required.

Selling on TechStuff eMarketPlace

Student groups and campus departments can place items on the BuzzCard TechStuff eMarket for sale.  Please fill out the TechStuff Reservation Form and submit it ten (10) business days in advance of the event.  Below are restrictions that apply:

  • An event listing fee of $50 applies.  Transaction fees of 5% will be deducted on all transactions, including cancellation refunds.
  • Programs and events must be associated with official Institute business or approved Student Organization activities (attach appropriate documentation). Sales transactions will not be accepted that result in sales tax or unrelated business income tax (UBIT) obligations. Requests are subject to potential review by legal and/or compliance staff.
  • Programs may be required to meet minimum participation guidelines.
  • Listing requests must be made ten (10) business days prior to the event.
  • Web sales will be advertised as non-refundable except in the event of program cancellation. 
  • Reimbursements will be made at the end of the business month following the month of sales.
  • The Department/Organization must promptly provide an updated form to the BuzzCard Center for any accounting, point-of-contact, or program changes.

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